Patient Participation Group

Providing high quality, accessible healthcare to the Tūrangi community is our mission and our Patient Participation Group is key part in helping us achieve that mission.

The PPG is made up of local community leaders and volunteers who are passionate about health services in Tūrangi.  These members communicate where we could improve services and where we are exceeding expectations.  The members of the PPG help provide insight into the needs and desires of the community and provide recommendations on how best to achieve those aims.   Pihanga Health provides updates as to happenings both in the practice and within health services in general based on communication with external agencies, our Primary Health Organisation, and our District Health Board.

We are always looking for fresh perspectives and opinions and would welcome any interested member of the community to come participate in our PPG.

  • Pihanga Health PPG Leader:  Brenda Sherson
  • PPG Members:
    • Emily Tamepo
    • Teresa Chapman
    • Cathy Levaillant
    • Lawrie Hobbs
  • Pihanga Health Facilitators:  Practice Manager
  • Pihanga Health Board Director Facilitator:  Kim Miles

If you would like to learn more about the PPG, please email

Changes Made As a Result of Patient Feedback


  • increased GP and nurse staffing in 2018
  • Saturday cervical smear offering twice a quarter
  • purchased gynaecological exam bed
  • standardised patient beds in all consult rooms to prevent patients from having to use stairs/steps
  • PICC/Port services as a coordinated back up for Lakes DHB District Nursing when it benefits the patient

Patient Experience:

  • increased reception staffing in 2018
  • children’s books in the patient waiting room
  • Tūrangi Cancer Focus Group to improve coordination of care and increase awareness of programmes and services available to cancer patients and their whanau
  • new practice video for patients to view to learn about practice
  • TV in waiting room for health promotion, programmes and services offered in health in Tūrangi
  • Implemented local call centre in April 2019
  • Upgraded minor surgery bed
  • New patient waiting room chairs
  • New patient room curtains coming in 2019!
  • New integrated front desk…. we hope in 2020