The Story Behind Our Logo

Pihanga is shown in her role as mother…sheltering, nurturing and embracing her family, the community.  The vibrant variable green colour not only represents the beautiful bush cloak that adorns Pihanga, but also epitomises the sense of peace and wellbeing with which she envelops the community.  The type face supports the feminine flowing element of the design.

The community is depicted as three interlinked koru, through the concept of trilogy in some of its many interpretations:

  • Ngā taha tinana (physical), hinengaro (intellectural), wairua (spiritual)
  • Cultural, social, economic
  • The ethnic mix of the community – Māori, Pākehā, other ethnicities
  • Iwi (tribe), hapū (sub-tribe), whānau (family)
  • Grandparent, parent, child
  • Father, mother, child
  • Whakapono (faith), tūmanako (hope), aroha (love)

Each aspect of the community is shown interconnected; sharing a relationship each with the other; each impacting on the other; each an integral part of the whole…each, in turn, sheltering, nurturing and embracing the other.  The balance of the relationship between the different aspects of community constitutes its health and wellbeing.

Written by: Te Maari Gardiner