Get a Repeat Prescription

You can request a repeat prescription online if you have signed up for the MyIndici patient portal.

How to order a repeat prescription via the MyIndici portal:

  • Log into your MyIndici patient portal account,
  • Go to “Repeat Prescriptions” and click on the medications you need and select your preferred pharmacy
  • Add any notes and then click submit.

Your prescription will automatically be sent to the pharmacy of your choice by 2 pm the following workday.  Please ensure you allow enough time for the pharmacy to fill your prescription before you head in to pick it up.

Whether you order one or several medications in the same prescription the cost is just an $11.00 repeat prescription fee.

If you have forgotten to request your medications and you are about to run out, it is best to call the practice and let us know.  We will do our best to sort it for you.

As a registered patient, your GP needs to see you twice a year to continue to be able to prescribe your long term medications.  If you request a prescription but are due for a visit, we will contact you (usually by text) to let you know so you can arrange an appointment.

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