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2018 Christmas and New Years Hours

Important Information

Please ensure you are not going to run out of medication during this period!

If we are not open and you need to see a doctor, please phone the normal Pihanga Health phone number (07 384 7576).
You will be transferred to a triage service and given advice on what to do!

The Hospital ED is for EMERGENCIES only.
Please phone Pihanga Health for advice before going to the hospital.

Pihanga Health Opening Hours

Monday 24th December08:30-4:00URGENT APPOINTMENTS ONLY
Tuesday 25th DecemberCLOSED
Wednesday 26th DecemberCLOSED
Thursday 27th December08:30-5:00URGENT APPOINTMENTS ONLY
Friday 28th December08:30-5:00
Saturday 29th December09:00-1:00URGENT APPOINTMENTS ONLY
Sunday 30th DecemberCLOSED
Monday 31st December08:30-4:00
Tuesday 1st JanuaryCLOSED
Wednesday 2nd JanuaryCLOSED
Thursday 3rd January08:30-5:00
Friday 4th January08:30-5:00
Saturday 5th January09:00-1:00URGENT APPOINTMENTS ONLY

“The team at Pihanga Health wishes you a very happy and safe Christmas and New Year.”