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All things COVID

On this page:

  • How to get some Rapid Antigen Tests
  • What to do if you or someone in your house tests positive
  • Need a PCR or Supervised RAT for travel
  • How to get your vaccination

How to get some Rapid Antigen Tests

We do not distribute RAT’s to patients or the public.

If you need RAT’s they need to be booked and collected from the community collection point.

To book some RAT’s call 0800 222 478 (Option 3) or click here

What to do if you test positive

If you or anyone in your household tests positive please call our COVID Team (even if you are feeling well and don’t need any medical support).  They can guide you through the next steps.  Call 0800 744 2642 (Option 9) to be connected directly to them.

Also – don’t forget to register your result on your MyCovidRecord or by clicking here

PCR Testing or Supervised RAT’s for travel

You do not need a PCR test to confirm a positive RAT result.

If you need a PCR for international travel please call us as soon as you know you will be travelling as there is a bit to organize.  These cost $200 each for registered patients and $240 each for casual patients (which includes the $175 lab processing fee)

If you need a Supervised RAT for domestic or international travel please call us the week before you travel so we can book you in.  Those for international travel cost $50.  Those for domestic travel are free.

Get vaccinated at Pihanga Health

We are currently providing Pfizer vaccinations for anyone 5 years and above – whether you are getting your first, second or booster shot.

You can drop in at any time for your vaccine or make an appointment – whichever suits you.

Why not come as a whanau?  Did you know you can also get nearly all your other vaccines at the same time? So while you are here why not get your flu vaccination and any other vaccine you need to catch up on.

If you want to book a time, you can call us directly on 0800 744 2642