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The Caring Collective - Yearly Membership


As we all know, health is under enormous pressure at the moment - government funding nowhere near reflects the true cost of delivering services, staff are hard to find, get and keep (particularly in rural areas) and the cost of living crisis means that many of those who need health care the most struggle to afford it amongst the other demands on their money. Historically we have used what additional money we may have made to provide more services free of charge than what the government pays for. This is becoming harder and harder for us to do. We know that we live and work in an amazing community and that the community looks out for others who are having a hard time. I’ve been asked many times how someone can help us to keep doing what we’re doing. So we decided to launch ‘The Caring Collective’. It’s a way in which anyone can support the work we do.

Because in the end, healthy people create healthy communities.

J O B R A N S G R O V E - C H A I R  

P I H A N G A    H E A L T H

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